Renovation Community

Launches October 14, 2018

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We’re fixer uppers

We’re a group of fixer uppers. Seriously. You know that house down the road that needs a lot of work? That’s kind of who we are…people who need God to do major work in our lives. But we’re also a body committed to joining Jesus as he fixes all that is broken in this world. We are broken. We are beautiful. We are works-in-progress. We are following Jesus wherever he goes. We are Renovation Community Church.

Looking for a church? Willing to invest the hard work in building a new church? Join us.

Renovation Community is birthed out of a mission for helping our community grow and become more united within our very diverse area.

Learn more about us, our beliefs and what we value

Get to know our staff, and a little of what we do to help renovate our community!

Commit to prayer for Renovation Community’s journey

30 minutes of prayer for 30 days


First, let’s be clear…we don’t ask people outside of our church family to financially support us. But we’ve added this link since many have asked how they can give online.

More details coming soon.