I’m New Here

Are you just visiting or new to Renovation Community? This is a great place to begin the journey.

Welcome Home! (This page is under construction)

We are not better than other churches but we are pretty different.

We’re casual. We sit around tables. We share meals together. We serve our community passionately. Most importantly, we worship Jesus!

Park in the parking lot between Granbury Rd and Walraven Cir. Walk through the front doors off of Granbury under the carport. Signs will direct you to the left where our worship space is, Renovation Central.

Kids at the table? Great! Jesus loved kids. So do we. Don’t worry about the wiggling and whispering. Need to take out a crying baby? We understand!

A nursery is available for kids under 5 for the whole service.

Children 5 and older will have their own service starting at 4 across the hall and while adults are in Renovation Central.

One way we worship Jesus is by singing. Even if you don't know the songs, feel free to sing along.The words are more important than the tune!

We are casual. Wear a suit, wear shorts, Jesus just says to come as you are! But if you need a suggestion, jeans are what we wear most!