Our Goals

Renovation Community is birthed out of a mission for helping our community grow and become more united within our very diverse area.

Here is a list of some of our dreams we will be striving to develop.

  • After School Day Camp- Here we look to help the working families who would otherwise have their kids at home while they are at work. This will be something on top of continuing our summer day camp targeting the same type of families. We will be offering it at an extremely discounted rate and even free to those who cannot afford the couple dollars a day to help with our expenses.
  • ESL classes (English as a Second Language)- Renovation Community is looking to start a class to where those who need to learn English or just want to be able to practice and have a conversation.
  • Currently, we are in the process of planting another church as there is a need to reach our Asian-Indian population in the Fort Worth area. We wanting to move our pastoral family into a home nearby, so if you want to help in these efforts, please let us know!
  • Elderly/Senior Citizen outreach and gatherings.
  • Computer lab for the community to use. This would be for the family that can’t afford a computer, help kids do projects, allow a place for homeless and marginalized to build resumes and apply for jobs.
  • Kid’s area to build crafts or do school work and projects so that they can use the computers and print as well as have items to complete the projects.

We want you to partner with us to help make these dreams and visions a reality. How can you help and where do your strengths fit in? We need your help in helping our community!